Die Cutting

for unique shapes and packaging to delight your audience.

Advantages of Die Cutting

  • Unique shapes help elevate your project
  • Can create more engaging pieces
  • Used for packaging and presentation folders
  • Can be used to create thick envelopes for marketing materials.
  • Creates dimensional pieces.
  • The printed piece can become more functional.

Limitations of Die Cutting

  • It’s a single sheet process. Die cutting a book is not possible.
  • Not good for small details due to limitations of die fabrication process
  • High setup costs due to die fabrication

File Preparation for Die Cutting

  • Vector art required with the cut line in 100% black ink with 1 pt thickness
  • Crease lines should be in 100% cyan 1 pt vector art.
  • The ideal file would be Illustrator/InDesign with 1 layer containing the print art and another layer with the die cut vector lines.
  • For examples, click this link.

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