Digital Ink

Our specialty. Great for lower quantity runs up to 5,000. Choose from matte, satin, and glossy finishes.

What is Digital Ink?

While most print companies have just one type of digital printing press, we have three that provides distinct differences. The main difference is the finish or sheen that the ink from each of them gives off: matte, glossy, and satin. Each press also has unique strengths and limitations that we go into great depth in below so you can make smarter printing and design decisions.

Matte Adaptive Ink


Matte Adaptive Ink Details

Produced with our HP Indigo 5600, this press produces little sheen on the print due it’s unique liquid toner. In general, it produces the best overall quality and our most critical clients in the graphic design and art space typically prefer this method. It also can print with white ink and special Pantone colors for increased creativity. We call the ink adaptive because it takes on whatever sheen the paper is.

However, this press also requires the most maintenance and to get it to maximum quality it takes quite a bit of work to get there. Therefore, this press is the most pricey of the three.

Overall Advantages
  • Best overall print quality that rivals offset printing
  • Excellent on uncoated and textured papers
  • Achieves nice smooth skin tones.
  • Highest color accuracy
  • White Ink and spot color options for up to 6 color printing.
Overall Limitations
  • It’s the most sensitive ink. With heavy use, scuffing may occur
  • Not ideal for heavy coverage due to ink sensitivity
  • Smallest image print size at 17.75×12.25″
  • Paper costs higher resulting in higher overall costs than the other two inks.

Glossy Ink


Glossy Ink Details

Produced with our Xerox 800 Color Press, this press produces a high glossy sheen on the print due to the wax used to create the toner. In general, this press produces the greatest “pop” since the more ink is used, the more glossy the print gets. This effect is especially popular when printing on satin or uncoated stocks because it creates a beautiful contrast between the paper and the ink without paying a premium.

This press does struggle the most (blotchiness/mottling) when printing with a lot of ink on an uncoated stock.

Overall Advantages
  • Gloss ink provides a strong contrast to the paper on satin and uncoated stocks
  • Provides a high gloss without requiring UV coating.
  • Prints the highest resolution
  • Prints thin text the best out of the fleet
  • Prints light halftones very well
Overall Limitations
  • Does not print well with heavier coverage on textured stocks.

Satin Ink


Satin Ink Details

Produced with our Xerox iGen 4 Diamond Edition Press, this press produces a satin/silk sheen on the print due to the wax used to create the toner. In general, this press produces the smoothest print, especially on satin/silk paper. It prints images with a ton of dark ink beautifully and can also print the largest size out of the three.Since it can print the largest size, for larger runs, this press is your best choice. We’re also able to print perfect bound books sized up to 12×12 finish size with this press. This press does struggle with thin text and solid backgrounds of lighter colors due to having a slightly lower resolution.

Overall Advantages
  • Satin on Satin look gives a silky smooth look and feel.
  • This press gives you the largest possible print area when printing digitally with a maximum image size of 14×25.5
  • Print’s fantastic heavy coverage images.
Overall Limitations
  • Not ideal for light solid backgrounds
  • Not ideal for thin text
  • Not ideal for skin tones
  • Not ideal for heavy coverage on textured papers.

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