File Setup for Book Printing

with the right set up, you can create a professional looking book every time.

How do you lay out a book from scratch?

Laying out a book can be intimidating. Depending on the binding, there are different factors that can affect the look and quality of your book. Setting up your file correctly can help:

  • Have a more professional looking book
  • Increase the life of the book
  • Make it easier for your audience to read the content
  • Help with faster production turnarounds
  • Minimize mistakes in the production of your book.

Creating your book file

We strongly encourage you to use Adobe InDesign to create your book layout. We can teach you some of the in and outs in 30 minutes and you can use this template to help get you ensure your book looks amazing.

Click here for the InDesign Layout Template

We’re working on an updated tutorial to help explain the template so stay tuned!

The Print Ready File

Great! Now you’ve got a great setup for your book! Now you just need to export your file with specific settings to make the production of your book go very smoothly and speed up turnaround times.

First, click to download our PDF export presetsDouble clicking will not install these presets. So we made a 5-minute video showing you how to install it.

Great! You have your print ready file. You can upload your file through our menu at the top. We recommend going through our Paper Library, the Print Lab, and our Finishing Station to see what you would like. Then, you can get a quote started and upload your files there.

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