for a premium feel that protects your print for heavier use.

Why is lamination good for printed pieces for frequent use?

Lamination is a great option to help elevate your printed piece while also protecting it for more frequent use. Laminating is typically used for business cards and books including perfect bound and hardcover books. We have 3 different types of lamination that drastically change the look of your piece.

Soft Touch Matte Lamination 

This lamination completely flattens the artwork so that 100% of your focus goes to the artwork instead of having any sort of sheen. It also helps makes black in very rich and dark. It’s our most popular laminate because it gives the piece a velvety and soft feel. We use it a lot as well for printed pieces ith a lot of ink so that it reduces scuffing and cracking in the future. If you want clean edges on your printed piece, this is your way to go.

Scuff Resistant Matte Lamination

This method will give you a super silky feel while also protecting your printed piece. It provides very similar characteristics to the soft touch except that the blacks aren’t as rich.

Glossy Lamination

This option is great if you want durability while keeping your printed pieces very bright.


Advantages of Lamination

  • Great endurance
  • Elevates the look of your printed piece
  • Helps protect against scuffing
  • Helps protect against cracking when folding
  • Great for pieces with a lot of ink.
  • Will provide a very clean edge for business cards and books

Limitations of Laminating

  • Cost prohibitive – not good for large quantities due to the extra cost and labor for laminating.
  • Color can change slightly from print to lamination. For color critical projects you can request the proof to be laminated which costs $30.

File Preparation for Laminating

  • In general, laminating with soft touch or scuff resistant matte lamination makes the printed piece a bit darker. We can print your project lighter on our end or you can lighten it 2-5% to help take into account the lamination.

Time and cost for Laminating


Highly variable depending on the printed piece. Set up cost is $30. For books, you can expect the cost to be about $30 for set up and $1/cover for books sized 8.5×11 or less.


Standard 3-5 business days depending on quantity and printing specs.

1-day turnaround extreme rush options available for die cutting depending on production schedule.

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