GPA 4mil Vinyl Label Permanent Adhesive


Our standard vinyl label stock. It’s not rated to be outdoors but some clients have used it as a bumper sticker. The vinyl is tear resistant and will hold for a long time indoors.


Additional Notes and Recommendations

  • Slightly off white tone.
  • Liners in the back to make it easier to peel the label.
  • Matte adaptive ink scuffs more easily. For firmer adhesion use satin or glossy ink.
  • Same day rush printing service available with this paper stock.

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Paper Details

GPA 4mil Vinyl Label Permanent Adhesive

Price Meter

Thickness and Weight

4 mil


Not Available


Matte Coated Smooth

Other Specs

10% Recycled
FSC Certified
Acid Free
Made with Windpower

Other Weights Available In-House


Digital Ink Compatibility

 Matte Adaptive Ink*

 Satin Ink*

 Glossy Ink* –

* Not ideal for heavy coverage.

Print and Finishing Compatibility Chart

 Soft Touch Matte Lamination

 Super Smooth Scuff Resistant Matte Lamination

 Gloss Lamination

 Offset Printing

  Foil Stamping




 Die Cutting

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