GPA 60# Glossy Pressure Sensitive Label White


Our standard glossy label stock. This stock is great for promotional stickers and items that are indoor that need to be labeled and identified.


Additional Notes and Recommendations

  • Slightly off white tone.
  • Liners in the back to make it easier to peel the label.
  • Matte adaptive ink scuffs more easily. For firmer adhesion use satin or glossy ink.
  • Same day rush printing service available with this paper stock.

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Paper Details

GPA 60# Glossy Pressure Sensitive Label White

Price Meter

Thickness and Weight

4 pt / 60# text


Not Available


Glossy Coated Smooth

Other Weights Available In-House


Ink Compatibility / Max Digital Print Area

Matte Adaptive Ink* – 12″x18″
Satin Ink* – 12.5″x18.5″
Satin Ink Oversize* – 13.75″x25.5″
Glossy Ink* – 12.5″x18.5″

* Not ideal for heavy coverage.

Print and Finishing Compatibility Chart

 Soft Touch Matte Lamination
 Super Smooth Scuff Resistant Matte Lamination
 Gloss Lamination
 Offset Printing
  Foil Stamping
  Die Cutting

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