Mohawk Via Linen 110# Cover Bright White


Patterned after fine linen fabric, this paper offers elegance and a timeless sensation. It’s commonly used for invitations and other elegant print collateral. This is just a little bit heavier than Neenah’s Classic linen but offers stronger adhesion for heavier coverage products.


Additional Notes and Recommendations

  • Popular for projects that just need a bit of texture to elevate the piece. Texture also helps distract our eyes from lower resolution images.
  • If you have just a little bit of print, this paper pairs well with our glossy ink to create a 2 tone effect.
  • We do not recommend printing with solid black ink due to potential scuffing
  • As with any uncoated or textured stock, the highest print quality for heavier coverage images is with our matte adaptive ink.
  • For premium projects, we can duplex this stock for double or triple thickness.

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