Pacesetter Glossy 100# Text White Paper


Pacesetter’s glossy 100# text paper is one of our most popular offerings. Its glossy coating helps images pop and its smooth surface helps create some of the best adhesion and color consistency that we can print. For a high gloss, our glossy ink combined with this glossy stock creates a strong reflection without having to UV coat the sheet.


Additional Notes and Recommendations

  • 100# text paper is great for brochures, sell sheets and a thicker interior for booklets.
  • Its glossy surface helps images pop. It’s best combined with our glossy ink.
  • One of our most economical standard stocks. A variety of other stock weights are available in-house.
  • 10% recycled paper
  • Same day rush printing available with this paper stock.

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Paper Details

Pacesetter Glossy 100# Text White

Price Meter

Thickness and Weight

4.9pt / 100# Text




Smooth / Glossy Coated

Other Specs

10% Recycled
FSC Certified
Acid Free

Other Weights Available In-House

80# Text (3.8 pt)
100# Text (4.9 pt)
80# Cover (7.8 pt)
100# Cover (9.4 pt)
110# Cover (11.4 pt)
12pt C2S
130# Cover (13.4 pt)
14pt C2S
16pt C2S

Digital Ink Compatibility

 Matte Adaptive Ink*

 Satin Ink*

 Glossy Ink* –

* Not ideal for heavy coverage.

Print and Finishing Compatibility Chart

 Soft Touch Matte Lamination

 Super Smooth Scuff Resistant Matte Lamination

 Gloss Lamination

 Offset Printing

  Foil Stamping




 Die Cutting

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