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To provide the best custom print experience by making it easy to do and easy to learn.

How we strive to accomplish our mission.



We strongly believe in taking a good look at your files and making recommendations before we do any printing. That way we can be proactive about obstacles and help ensure that your product looks great.

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We know that it’s difficult to get an idea of how things will turn out so you can drop by our store anytime to see samples. We offer free hardcopy proofs as well!


Continuous Learning

We realize there’s a lack of education around print design and limitations so we’re committed to creating resources to help ease the learning curve.


The Best Tech

We have one of the largest varieties of digital presses in our industry and we invest in equipment that focuses on options rather than automation and speed so we can keep you looking fresh.

Our Story

One of seven children, Ken was raised in Hong Kong by a father who believed in the American Dream. Though he never made it to America himself, Ken’s father worked hard and was successful enough over the course of his life to achieve his dream of sending his wife and all of his children to America, where he hoped that they could make better lives for themselves.

As a boy, Ken worked alongside his father, a tea trader, learning ins and outs of business and the value of hard work from a young age. His first job upon arriving in America was as a low-level clerk at the Fortune 500 company Marsh & McLennan, where his exuberance and hustle mentality opened up opportunities quickly. His analytical skills and adeptness at number-crunching helped him to become a top assistant to a senior manager despite his lack of an advanced degree.

In the 80’s, during the rapid rise of digital printing, he took a job as a manager at a print shop. His infectious personality and nonstop service brought a lot of business to the store, and many customers would ask for him by name. Despite his success, he had never forgotten the vision his father had instilled in him of achieving the American Dream by owning his own business. So in 1993, he opened Nonstop Printing in a little building on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

For over two decades, Ken’s hard working attitude and unflappable spirit have been the driving force behind Nonstop Printing’s continued growth and prosperity. The success of the business also allowed Ken to continue his father’s legacy of providing his family with greater opportunities than had been given to him: he sent both of his children to college, giving them the education that he never had the opportunity to pursue. A few years after obtaining his BA in Economics from UCLA, Ken’s son, Leiman, entered the business.

Though he spent considerable time around the office growing up, Leiman’s parents never insisted that he join the family business, and instead encouraged him to pursue his own dreams. So it wasn’t until Leiman was at UCLA that he discovered his passion for small business. As a college student, Leiman built and ran his own residential painting business. The nonstop hustle Leiman learned from watching his father helped him navigate through all aspects of building his own business, from knocking on thousands of doors to earn paint jobs to hiring and managing his own employees. Even though the economy was in the midst of the great recession, he was able to successfully gross sales of $250,000 over the two years that he ran the business.

After graduating from UCLA, Leiman was hired by PepsiCo to manage a team of over 25 operators in their manufacturing plant. Leiman’s experience as a manager within a multinational company exposed him to proven processes and systems that he thought could be implemented in any business to help it run more smoothly. Though he truly valued his time at PepsiCo, Leiman eventually realized that his heart was still in small business, and in 2011, he left PepsiCo to bring the strategies he learned during his time in big business to Nonstop Printing.

Today, Nonstop Printing boasts two generations of team members whose diverse experiences and backgrounds come together to service designers and businesses around the world. Because they know what it is to work hard, the Nonstop team seeks to honor the hard work of others by producing high quality print products that bring each design to its full realization.  

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