Bamboo 150 Cover GPA for Printing

Selecting Paper

Paper selection is a crucial step to aligning your art with your vision. The photos below is just a small sample of papers we have. Paper breaks down into two main components – the feel and the thickness.

The Feel of Paper

The feel and look of paper breaks down into four general categories:

Gloss – A reflective sheen. This is the most common paper type for commercial use.

Silk – A modern coated paper. It’s silky smooth and is coated, but has a low sheen.

Uncoated – There’s no visible coating on the sheet to help enhance the character of the fibers of paper. Many printers struggle printing on this type of paper but we love it on our HP Indigo press.

Specialty – A very large category that includes textured, colored, metallic, and other less common types of paper. We also love printing on specialty papers on our HP Indigo press.

The Thickness

For book interiors we typically stick to “text” weight papers. 60# text is the closest to “copy” paper we have. 100# text will give you the least amount of show through when flipping through the pages. As you increase the thickness of your book, it’ll make the book feel more “stiff”. 


This adds an additional dimension to your print. We have two types to help dial in your custom book.

Matte Ink

We print matte ink with our HP Indigo. This separates us from the crowd because of its ability to print really flat ink to keep 100% focus on the art. Its also really great at diving into the texture of the paper since it’s using liquid instead of powdered toner.

Glossy Ink

This ink has a wax that provides a sheen to the ink. This is great combined with satin paper as any area where there is more ink, there will be more of a gloss effect. It completely overpowers the paper underneath it. It’s great if you want an image to “pop” more. 

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