Custom Packaging Sleeves

Start with the end in mind.

Steps to making the perfect packaging sleeve.

Give us the box you’d like us to create the sleeve for. We’ll prototype the sleeve and create a template for you to design on top of.

In addition to providing a dieline for your box, we also create a 3D model of the box. That way you can take your 2D design and map it around a 3D object. This helps you design more intelligently and make fewer mistakes. 

This is the easy part. Once you have your completed design, we can send it to press. We can either fully construct your box or we can just put some double sided tape on it and you do the rest. We love laminating our boxes to give a premium finish like our soft touch or sandy matte finishes. We have tons of paper and finishing options like.

  • Eggshell paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Black paper with white ink.
  • Silver Ink
  • Raised Spot Gloss
  • Raised Digital Foil
  • Traditional Foil
  • Emboss/Deboss

Our Process

Send us your box.

The difference between a poor fitting packaging sleeve and a perfect fit is less than a fingernail. We prototype each sleeve until we get the perfect fit.

packaging sleeve dieline

The Dieline for your Sleeve Box Design

The dieline consists of lines that represent what will be cut and where we’ll fold. This helps designers place their designs on a 2D object. Then we’ll print it, cut it, and turn it into a box. 

You might be wondering how to design around it. Most designers have to get creative and make a rough mockup. We have software that will enable you to preview your box on the fly. Just ask us about this service and we’ll set it up!

The Final Custom Box Sleeve

We print, diecut, and add tape so it’s easy for you to place your box into the sleeve. 

Boxes and Sleeves

Here are a few other boxes we’ve worked on. We also love making sleeves for pre-existing boxes like the District Vision box. They already have a premium box but wanted to further elevate it by making a custom perfect fitting sleeve.

A few additional features we can add are personalized boxes, raised spot gloss elements, and cut outs. Reach out to us to find out more. 

Custom Paper Sleeves

We can make either paper sleeve packaging or cardboard sleeve packaging using a variety of different materials.

Types of Custom Packaging Sleeves we Make

Card Packaging Sleeves
Mailer Box Sleeves
Gift Box Sleeves
Kraft Packaging Sleeves
Custom Paper Sleeves
Sleeves for product packaging
Paper Box Sleeves
Custom Printed Packaging Sleeves
Foil Packaging Sleeves
Spot Gloss Packaging Sleeves
Soft Touch Laminated Packaging Sleeves

The Thickness

For packaging sleeves we can print on paper or cardstock. Cardboard box sleeves require “creasing” where we create a channel in the paper for perfect folds with no cracking.

nonstop new building

Get advice on custom sleeve packaging.

The best custom boxes start with a great conversation. We’ll help demystify the print process so you can choose the best method for your project.

Design Intentionally

Our guides help creatives design with the end in mind so you can save time and have the best looking product.