Foil Stamping

for a premium look using a sharp contrast between paper and printing.

What makes our foil stamping premium?

For those that are looking to take their project to the next level, hot foil stamping is a great way to help your project stand out. There are a lot of foil methods out there so here’s the difference with ours. Every foil project we carefully consult with you to ensure your file and your ideas will mesh well with this process. Once we get full approval we send your file to be formed into a magnesium plate. This plate then goes on a 50+-year-old press that can apply 1000+ pounds This makes for a finished product that’s tactile as well as beautiful.

The main drawback of foil stamping is the price. It starts at $400 for any type of foil stamping due to the time-consuming set-up and the cost of materials. It’s also the reason why we cannot “hardcopy proof”.


Advantages of Foil Stamping

  • Foil stamping provides a high gloss metallic look for a strong contrast with uncoated papers.
  • Can print on almost any paper for high flexibility.
  • Tactile feel – foil surface can be impressed on the sheet for a premium look and feel.
  • Brand protection- The process not easily duplicatable.
  • Separates your brand from others.

Limitations of Foil Stamping

  • Cost prohibitive – Starting cost of $400
  • Color limitations – Can only print 1 color at a time and the colors are limited to what foils are manufactured in that color.
  • Cannot print too thin – .5pt minimum
  • Type limitations: avoid text sizes less than 8-10pt due to foil “plugging up”
  • Large areas of foil are not recommended (8.5×5.5 foil area is recommended) due to costs and foil adhesion.

File Preparation for Foil Stamping

  • Vector art required with the cut line in 100% black ink with minimum .5pt thickness
  • For solid foil backgrounds, the text should be at least 1pt thickness to avoid foil plugging up.
  • The ideal file is InDesign with foil as 1 layer and print another layer. Vector files a must.
  • If you only have PDFs, send the foil file as a separate file in 100% black.

Time and cost for Foil Stamping


Foil stamping costs can vary greatly depending on artwork and size. The smaller the size, the cheaper the magnesium die. 
Just 1: Pricing starts at $400 for foil stamping only.
100: for business cards with foil stamping only budget around $550
1000: for business cards with only foil stamping budget around $700


Standard 5-7 business days depending on quantity and printing specs.

1-day turnaround extreme rush options available depending on production schedule.

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