Administrative Forms

Here you’ll find some of our most common resources for administrative purposes.


Reseller Number and Permit

Click Here to download the Reseller Permit

Proper Use of a reseller permit

Use your reseller permit to buy only those items that you directly resell in the regular course of your business. For industry specific information on how to use reseller permits, please see our Industry Specific Guides.

Misuse of reseller permits

Businesses may not use a reseller permit to buy:
  • Items for personal, internal business, or household use.
  • Items to be given away.
  • Items used in the business, such as supplies and equipment.
  • Items used by the business in performing the business activity even if billed to customers.
  • Items marketing for own business.

Step 1 Permit Verification

You can click on the following site to ensure your permit is valid:

Click to go to the verification page.

Step 2 Download Resale Form

You can download Nonstop Printing’s resale form here

Click to download reseller form.

Step 3 Send filled out reseller form to Nonstop Printing

Send form filled out to and ask for the account to be set as a reseller. Your account will default as a reseller when more than 50% of your work is classified as a resell job.

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