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1) With this specific project, what was the idea behind it?
The idea for this product was to tell the story behind the 67 year brand of Body Glove. Body Glove has a rich heritage, and I wanted to not only share that story with the reader but to make it resonate.

2) Why did you create this design specifically for the project?
I wanted to take the reader on a journey that visually told the story of time and evolution, so the book starts in black and white and turns to color around the 80’s.

3) In general, what inspires you as a designer to create these type of projects?
For me inspiration comes from everywhere. I could be walking down the street and see something random that sparks an idea. When I seek out creativity, I usually look to the greatest designer of all time “mother nature.”

4) How would you like us to describe your company in a few sentences, or quote?
With seven decades of product innovation, starting with the first commercial wetsuit, Body Glove is an iconic American surf and outdoor lifestyle brand with a rich heritage.

-INSTAGRAM @bodyglove

Production Specifications

Project:  Body Glove Brand Book

Cover: Uncoated 120# Cover (Accent Opaque) White 

Interior: Uncoated 100# Text (Lynx)

Finishing Tasks: Soft Touch Matte Lamination + Spot UV

Type of Binding: Perfect Binding

Finish Size: 8.5×11  

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