Hardcover Binding

for your premium projects.

  • The highest quality binding finishes we have. Great for coffee table books.
  • Great for high page count projects. Books up to 250 pages can be bound
  • Using different papers within the same book is feasible.
  • Printable spine
  • Great Longevity due to the hard case bind. We have different ways to bind the interior depending on your usage frequency.
  • We have 3 finishes for the cover:
    • Soft Touch Matte Lamination
    • Scuff Resistant Matte Lamination
    • Glossy Lamination
  • Highest Cost
  • Not compatible for thick papers on the interior of the book.
  • “Cross Overs” are not ideal. Cross over images are images/text that span from the page of the book to the right page.
  • Does not lay flat.
  • No minimum thickness. Max thickness is 2 inches.
  • Note: We define 1 page as a numbered page in a novel
  • Send your final print file in single page format, not spreads.
  • Bleeds should extend 0.125″ on all sides
  • Outside margins should extend .25″ inside the document.
  • Position your critical images and text away from the spine. The interior spine margin should be .625 or larger for easy reading.

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