Screw Post Binding

for a unique look that can stretch the limit.

Advantages of Screw Post Binding

  • Unique look
  • Large books possible
  • Wide paper selection

Limitations of Screw Post Binding

  • Costly since we have to drill the holes then hand install the screw posts.For thicker papers (100# text and above) we need to crease each sheet in order for the book to flip properly.
  • Note: We define 1 page as a numbered page in a novel
  • Send your final print file in single page format, not spreads.
  • Bleeds should extend 0.125″ on all sides
  • Outside margins should extend .25″ inside the document.
  • Position your critical images and text away from the spine. The interior spine margin should be 1.25″ or larger for easy reading.

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