Staple Saddle Stitch Binding

  • Economical binding
  • Great for images that take the full width of a spread.
  • Can lay flat when fully opened
  • Compact
  • Great for booklets with 60 pages or less with thin paper
  • Special gatefolds and foldouts are possible
  • Multicolor options: We have silver, copper, red, white, blue, black colored staples to keep your booklet looking fresh.
  • Weaker bind. with heavy use, the staples will eventually come apart
  • The more pages in a book, the more of an issue “creep” becomes.
  • A limited amount of paper variations within a book.
  • No printable spine
  • Thickness limitation: documents thicker than 1/8″ to 1/4″ likely will not bind well with this method
  • Note: We define 1 page as a numbered page in a novel.
  • Staple saddle stitch books are made by folding a larger sheet in half then stapling. Therefore, 1 sheet can hold 4 pages. Your document needs to be a multiple of 4 pages.
  • Send your final print file in single page format, not printer spreads.
  • Bleeds should extend 0.125″ on all sides
  • Margins should extend .25″ inside the document.
  • With large page counts, make the margin larger as you go towards the middle of the book. A good rough number is to have your margins at .375″

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