Plastic Coil Binding

for hands-free utility for everyday use.

Advantages of Plastic Coil / Spiral Binding

  • Pages can be opened a full 360 degrees.
  • Lays very flat
  • Pages easy to turn
  • Can accommodate low and high range page counts
  • Can use with index tabs
  • At low quantities, this is one of our most economical binding solutions.
  • Great longevity as long as binding isn’t crushed. Greater durability than wire-o due to the flexibility of plastic vs metal.

Suggested Products

Reports, sales presentations, proposals, directories, cookbooks, instructional books and maintenance manuals.

Limitations of Plastic Coil / Spiral Binding

  • Gap between the left and right page when opened.Not ideal for crossover images
  • The binding is bulky.
  • Doesn’t have the premium finish that perfect binding and hard covers.
  • Binding not easily undone for content changes. Cutting of the coil required.
  • Note: We define 1 page as a numbered page in a novel
  • Send your final print file in single page format, not spreads.
  • Bleeds should extend 0.125″ on all sides
  • Outside margins should extend .25″ inside the document.
  • Position your critical images and text away from the spine. The interior spine margin should be .625 or larger so critical text and images look professional and are not in the hole punch zone.

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